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Gone Are the Prudes: Why the New Generations Prefer “Modern” Relationships

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It’s a fairly common sight to have young adults, teens, and even some adults glued to their smartphones. It’s even more common to hear stories of hook-ups made through mobile apps. Somehow, getting dates, exchanging nude girl selfies, and having casual affairs are fairly commonplace. Most of the older generations find it unnerving or even scandalous but the fact that newer generations now prefer sex over having relationships is here to stay. Let’s explore why.

Societal rules have relaxed
Basing it off old Victorian England, the rules of courtship and relationships were clearly taught in finishing schools for ladies and through universities that were only made for men. Men and women carried themselves with dignity and harsh repercussions awaited anyone (mostly women) who deviated from the strict social rules.

This somewhat carried over to the US as rich gentlemen’s wives often made themselves the pillars of society and dictated what was acceptable and what actions can land you the title of pariah. The concept of nude girls was pretty much taboo and was something that should never be discussed. As the years went by, the upper crust of society remained where they were but the lower and middle classes changed in number.

These classes greatly outnumbered the ones that lived on the lap of luxury and had different rules about courtship and relationships. This trickled down to what we know today. Gone are the many rules that used to govern actions. Instead, we have generations of people who are no longer bound by these rules and are given the freedom to bend or craft their own set of societal guidelines.

As physical relationships are no longer as taboo—and the fact that there were no real societal consequences—it simply became logical to be more open to going straight for sex instead of weighing yourself down with long-term relationships.

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Media normalized sex
You would be hard pressed to find a TV show, an ad, or even a movie that doesn’t have one or several nude babes or even suggestive scenes in it. The truth is that sex sells and it’s been constantly used and promoted. The many articles online and in magazines all promote “how to satisfy your man” or “upping your tongue game for her”—so is it any wonder that the newer generations view sex as something that’s as normal as a handshake?

Technology gave swifter access to sexually explicit material
Even in the 90s if you wanted to indulge in a visual feast of nude teens, all you needed was a steady internet connection. Even people who were born in the 80s got to experience the ease in which sexually explicit discussions and activities could be done in the privacy of their homes.

Technology evolved further and mobile phones and subsequent phone apps enabled users to get in touch with a press of a screen. Dating apps like Tinder made the concept of hooking up easier and more acceptable. Since sex is often touted as the best part of the relationship, generations of today go straight for it as it is steadily available. All they need to do is to find someone who’s willing and ready to meet-up for some casual sex.

Instant gratification
The concept of work smarter not harder is something that applies very well to newer generations. They see the end result and craft the path of least resistance. In relationships, this means getting all the physical benefits without having to deal with the emotional fallout.

When there are people out there willing and able to down and dirty without the hassle of a wine and dine, why go back to the old ways? While courtship isn’t dead, the choice of sticking to that is now completely optional. When you’ve got a plethora of nude women out there willing to share their goods without any issue, it’s hard to turn that down.

The only thing constant in this world is change and we at Nude Girls Finder embrace that whole-heartedly! As the times go by what society considers ‘normal’ changes, too. As such, there is very little wonder as to why the newer generations prefer sex over relationships any day.

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